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Established in article ii, section 2 of the constitution, the cabinet's role is to advise the president on any subject he may require relating to the dutie. Donald trump’s new york state campaign co-chairman insisted in an interview with the observer on thursday that president barack obama is a muslim—and pointed to his handling of matters in. The white house has finally divulged the names of american muslim leaders who met with president obama this week, including imam mohamed magid, who has advised the administration on. This ground breaking documentary film finally proves that barack hussein obama is a secret muslim this video examines all of the ties obama has to the musli. Former “saturday night live” star victoria jackson, a few years back, noted barack obama’s socialistic agenda and wrote and sang a ditty called “there’s a communist in the white house” it. About the white house get involved economy national security budget immigration the opioid crisis close search type your search press enter to search.

As promised, i will share the evidence i discovered that shows barack hussein obama is a muslim many have asked why i claim this, so here goes. Today, president obama made his first visit to a mosque in america speaking at the islamic society of baltimore, he said: “at a time when others are trying to divide us along lines of. The iran part of the plan has strong support within the white house, but momentum behind the muslim brotherhood proposal seems to have slowed in recent days amid objections from career. Obama administration officials who are muslim and who are linked to muslim brotherhood fail to make list of 20 officials benghazi committee chairman wants to interview.

Obama has quietly appointed a number of devout muslims to key positions within the white house many of these appointees have very troubling connections. Obama condemns discrimination against muslim americans as he celebrates eid for the first time at the white house obama broke from tradition of hosting the annual iftar dinner that occurs. Sarah huckabee sanders said it didn't matter whether the anti-muslim videos donald if the anti-muslim videos trump retweeted are real white house press. A series of images purportedly showing islamic writing, a sink, and a prayer room in president obama's white house actually come from different and unrelated locations.

The issue could be central as the supreme court considers the case against the president's travel ban white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders refused wednesday to directly. The white house weighs in on the latest trump controversy.

Whitehouse muslim

From obama’s book, the audacity of hope: if after reading this, you still want to think he is not a muslim, then that will be your right to do so. When president obama left, i stayed on at the national security council in order to serve my country i lasted eight days.

(cnsnewscom) – a muslim prayer was recited at the start of the second day of the white house summit on “countering violent extremism,” but no other religious text was presented during the. Ask the white house white backgrounder: the president's quotes on and president bush has acted to ensure that the world's muslims know that america. Learn how to protect yourself from hoaxes like the most destructive ever computer virus circulating under header black muslim in the white house. There was a troubling item tucked deep inside the house republican’s benghazi report it involves terry jones -- the florida preacher who has an affinity for burning the koran. Carson tells the hill presidents shouldn't be sworn in on a koran. In person barack obama has publicly responded to questions regarding his religion on more than one occasion during a debate of democratic presidential candidates on january 15, 2008, in. Actor, former underwear model and reality show star antonio sabato jr — who stumped for donald trump on the floor of the republican national convention monday — told abc news that he.

The obama white house has finally released the names of the fourteen muslim “leaders” who met with the president this past week among the group -- which included a comedian, along with a. Frank wuco, who used to role-play as a fictional jihadist during his work as a security consultant, has a long history of anti-muslim animus. Did president obama remove flags in the white house and replace them with a muslim prayer curtain. A muslim staffer on the national security council quit eight days into the trump administration, citing president trump’s travel ban as the motivating factor in a.

Whitehouse muslim
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